Helping eliminate restaurant food waste, reduce operational costs, and grow profit margin by providing sales forecast.


What we do.


Takionics' AI-based restaurant analytics software connects to any POS-system and accurately predicts menu sales. We turn raw POS sales data into useful information and combine it with external factors that make the market volatile to produce the most accurate sales forecast for restaurants in Canada. 


Takionics empowers restaurants to optimize their processes, eliminate unnecessary operational costs and increase their profit margin.


Takionics provides actionable insights for restaurants based on analytics that help them develop strategies to grow their business.


We understand your challenges.

Food Preparation

Planning the food preparation in advance is not only time-consuming but the customer flow is oftentimes not as estimated, which leads to continuous food waste and increase costs. Takionics' restaurant analytics software accurately forecasts the customer flow.

Team Organization

Market volatility influences the organization of the team and can be a main driver of costs. Takionics' restaurant management software helps optimize the team organization and avoid understaffing as well as overstaffing.

Stock Coordination

Unnecessary inventory is one of the main factor that contributes to food waste. Stock coordination is mandatory to reduce food waste through goods expiration and helps rental space to be used more efficiently.  

Business Insights

Developing an internal strategy according to current and future market trends is difficult. Takionics' restaurant analytics software provides business insights to develop a strategy to acquire more customers and increase restaurant sales and profit margin.

About Takionics.


Takionics uses cutting-edge forecasting technology that combines historical sales data with the impact of weather, holidays, and trends to accurately calculate the number of menu items to be expected.


Takionics is a technology company whose vision is to be the go-to solution that empowers communities to become the most efficient and sustainable version of themselves.


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